Tips to Not be Bored (during Self-Quarantine)

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Hello lovely people! I hope you are healthy, happy and doing well at a time like this. Since most of us are self-quarantining at home and practicing social distancing, I wanted to make a list of things we can do at home to stay busy! Here's my top tips to not be bored during self-quarantine. I broke down all of these tips into five categories: create, exercise, self care, activities, and clean. Comment down below what you've been up to at home.


- try a new recipe

- bake some muffins

- draw, color, or paint

- make a DIY

- create content for your side hustle

- play with new makeup looks

- write a short story or a song

- design a wallpaper or find a cute one for your phone and laptop

- distress old jeans or cut up a t-shirt into a new design

- make a vision board


- practice yoga

- stretch in the morning and before bed

- try a HIIT circuit

- do a body weight only workout

- do a partner yoga challenge (be careful, but this will have you laughing!)

- take a nature walk

here's some of my favorite fitness influencers that have lots of at home workouts:

- sarah's day

- madfit

- adriene louise

- krissy cela

self care

- take a bath

- exfoliate your skin

- moisturize with oils

- put on a face mask

- shape and paint your nails

- gratitude journal

- floss your teeth for once (you're welcome)

- diffuse essential oils


- binge watch your favorite Netflix show (make sure this isn't the only thing you'll do during self-quarantine or I promise you will be bored!)

- start a new book to read

- play board games you loved as a kid

- facetime family and friends

- listen to a podcast

- redecorate a room in your home

- watch old home videos

- decorate cookies

- unsubscribe from annoying emails

- file your taxes online

- set up online billing/payments

- bust out the wine with your quarantine buddies (likely your parents, siblings, or significant other lol) and have a home concert or karaoke sesh

- browse online shops and add items to your wish list

- learn a new craft (crochet, macrame, hand lettering, watercolor, sewing)

- get inspired and start a new board on Pinterest


- wash your laundry

- declutter your closet

- swap out your winter wardrobe for spring pieces

- make a pile of clothes and items to donate later

- deep clean neglected spaces in your home

- minimize your makeup collection

- list items you have to sell online

- wash your sheets and make your bed

- clean our your backpack, purse, or wallet

- wash your makeup brushes

- disinfect your phone and phone case

I applaud you if you're being smart and safe by self-quarantining and practicing social distancing! You rock and you're helping others :) I hope this list helps keep you busy and entertained at home! Let me know what you've been up to in the comments if you have any other good ideas to not be bored during quarantine.

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xoxo, Marley

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