Switching to Natural Deodorant + My Favorite Brands

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

Common deodorants contain aluminum, synthetic fragrance, and other chemicals which are harmful to the body. It is very important to let your body sweat and antiperspirant deodorants prohibit this natural body function. Sweating releases toxins, increases endorphins or "happy hormones" and can even help you fight off germs and colds!

Here are some natural deodorants I have tried. These products will work differently for everyone depending on how much you sweat or how active your lifestyle is. I have been using natural deodorant for about two years and I am never switching back! When I first made the switch, I noticed that I was sweating more than I was used to. However, after my body had some time to adjust to the cleaner ingredients, the amount that I naturally sweat decreased and any odor is now milder. Do not let this awkward transition period deter you from trying natural deodorants!

Some people I have talked to how have been using natural deodorant for awhile agree that even going without any deodorant at all is not as big of a deal and typically isn't noticeable anymore since you may sweat less and smell less after switching to natural deo. If you are hesitant about totally switching products and brands, opt for a small travel size natural deo to ease your way into things. I've had a positive experience with natural deodorant products and always rave about the results!

Natural Deodorants I Have Tried:

Schmidt's Lavender + Sage Deodorant - $8.99

-free of aluminum, propylene glycol, parabens, + phthalates!

-certified vegan + cruelty free!

This deodorant smells lovely and comes in a glass pot with a small plastic spatula. It contains 8 ingredients including baking soda! I have used this exact deodorant for about two years and I have loved the results! Just rub a small dab of the cream on your underarms until it blends into the skin. I like how this product is actually absorbed by our skin and contains natural ingredients.

Stinkbug Naturals Tangerine Spice Stick - $3.49

-free of aluminum, propylene glycol, fragrance, + chemicals!

-cruelty-free + non-gmo + organic!

This deodorant smells like fall - if that isn't reason enough to give it a try I don't know what is! This formula works well and I enjoy using a new scent. This natural deo is a mini size perfect for carrying with you during the day if you need to refresh! Travel size deodorants are less of an investment as well if you are new to the natural deodorant lifestyle and this one costs only $3.49 for safe organic ingredients!

Pacifica Deodorant Wipes - $9.00 (30 wipes)

-free of aluminum, sulfates, SLS, parabens, phthalates, + petroleum!

-certified vegan + cruelty free!

This deodorant is in the form of disposable wipes that are made with some natural ingredients like witch hazel, coconut milk, and essential oils. This option is not as sustainable as others since the wipes are only for one use. However, these wipes smell amazing, are gentle on the skin, and are super convenient for on-the-go or to keep in a gym bag!

Crystal Deodorant Stick - $4.75

-free of aluminum chlorohydrate, aluminum zirconium, phthalates, + parabens!

-cerified vegan + cruelty free!

This deodorant only contains natural mineral salts! The rock is slightly moistened with water and then applied to the underarm. I personally did not see the best long-term results with this option, however I know other people who like it!

Stinkbug Naturals Lavender Deodorant - $7.99

-free of aluminum, propylene glycol, fragrance, + chemicals!

-cruelty-free + non-gmo + organic!

This deodorant is packaged in a glass pot without an applicator, so it's one of the most eco-friendly options I have found to date. Simply use your finger to rub a dab of deodorant on your underarms.This lavender scent smells relaxing and it sinks into the skin! I am loving how this feels so far!

My Current Favorites + Why:


I love that the lavender + sage deodorant is packaged in glass and can be reused after I finish using the product. However, it can get a little messy scraping the deodorant out with the spatula and warming the product between your fingers. Overall, it smells nice and works well so I can't really complain and overall it is a trusted favorite of mine.

Stinkbug Naturals

This brand is local to my community and I love collaborating with and supporting local small businesses. They sent me a few of their deodorants to try out and I am so pleased with the results! Stinkbug Naturals sells a lavender potted deodorant similar to the one I am used to using, so I automatically loved everything about the same glass packaging and relaxing lavender scent! I have also tried their small tangerine spice stick and I am going to keep this with me for gym workouts.

I only collaborate with brands when I believe in their mission, trust their ingredients and practices, and genuinely enjoy using their products!

I hope you will give one of these brands a try and make the switch to natural deodorant!

~ If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out!



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