Sustainable, Upcyled Jewelry for the One of a Kind Babe

I have a message for you today: You are unique and one of a kind babe!

No one else has walked your path or has the same spirit as you. So your jewelry should celebrate your individuality and be just as special as you are. JoJo Rings offers one of a kind jewelry and rings made from recycled keys. Once I discovered this brand based in Charleston SC, I couldn't help but instantly love their mission to promote sustainability, individuality, and social good.

JoJo Rings has made a commitment to give back since day one. Follow their movement #keysforchange on social media to join in on giving back and raising awareness for different nonprofit organizations. $5 of every online purchase is donated to a nonprofit. For March-April 2020, JoJo Rings is working with The Birthday Party Project to bring joy to children experiencing homelessness through the magic of birthdays!

There are four collections of women's rings all titled with empowering words to make you feel freakin' amazing and trust that you can conquer anything!

Fearless Collection | Confidence Collection | Dreamer Collection | Elegance Collection

You can stick to just gold or silver rings or go for a mixed metals look. JoJo Rings also offers a home try on option that lets you pick four rings to test out for five days so you keep your favorites and ship the rest back! I love this concept because it lets you play around with different combinations of rings to see which ones you like together before committing to a look. They also offer specialty car, state stamped, bridesmaid and sorority rings.

Don't worry fellas, JoJo Rings has some pretty awesome men's rings too so you can achieve the ultimate bold, rugged look. I mean one of these rings could be a great first date talking point if I say so myself... a guy who cares about the environment and giving back to those in need?! Ladies look no further!

Here‘s a look I dressed up with my own #keysforchange. I even got a few compliments on these sustainable, upcycled rings which is always really sweet.

Do you want a recycled key ring or a leather wrap from JoJo Rings? Give this post a "heart" if you think sustainable, upcycled jewelry is the best way to go!



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