Summer Watermelon Refresher Drink

Happy summer friends! I haven't published a new blog post in awhile because I've been focusing on my new Etsy shop! All of my listings are on SALE for the month of July so don't miss out on those deals! Even though running my small biz has been fun these past two months, I've really missed writing blog posts and sharing things I love with you guys.

Today I'm sharing this refreshing and delicious summer drink! If you love watermelon, you HAVE to try this recipe! I've been sipping on these watermelon refresher drinks for weeks and they're so sweet, hydrating, and easy to make. Scroll to the bottom of this post to grab the free printable for this recipe!

Are you ready to make this refreshing recipe?! Here's a few quick tips that will help you master this summer drink so you can start showing off for your family and friends at the next cookout!

I like to scrape out all of the watermelon seeds before I add them to my blender. This step ensures your drink to be super smooth and frothy without any added texture of the seeds. It's okay if a some small seeds are left behind and if you have a high speed blender this drink will come out perfect!

I prefer to use half of a lemon when making this recipe for myself. The lemon adds some brightness and a little sour twist to this drink which is delicious! If you don't have lemon, you could try half of a lime instead.

You can skip the honey in this recipe, but I find that it adds a nice touch of sweetness and rounds out the flavor. For an affordable organic wildflower honey, look for the Simply Nature brand at Aldi!

Making this summer watermelon refresher drink chilled is key. Toss in a handful or two of ice cubes and blend to create a slightly slushee consistency. I add the ice at the end because it doesn't fit in my smaller blender, so you could also add the ice before blending if you're using a larger blender or Vitamix.

One of my favorite parts about this summer refresher is that it's the perfect thing to serve on a hot sunny day, at a cookout, or on days you haven't had enough water. I will fill up my NutriBullet Pro with watermelon and drink the whole serving myself! I feel so hydrated after treating myself to this watermelon drink and it's sweet enough to satisfy your after dinner sweet tooth so you won't catch yourself reaching into the cookie jar.

Here are some reasons why watermelon is SO GOOD!

  • super hydrating! watermelon is 92% water

  • low in calories

  • satisfies your sweet tooth

  • high in Vitamin C

  • may decrease inflammation due to vitamin C and lycopene

  • here's a short article listing other benefits of watermelon

Once your summer watermelon refresher drink is ready to go, grab a reusable straw and give it a stir! I love my reusable glass straws from Strawesome, a small family business located in Michigan. I've had mine for years, they're dishwasher safe, and don't break! Sip and enjoy your new summer favorite :)

Click here to print your own copy of this recipe!

I hope you guys are enjoying the sunshine and getting outside! Seriously grab a watermelon the next time you're out and try this healthy recipe! :) Feel free to click the image or link above to be taken to the recipe printable! I print my recipes out, hole punch them, and add them to my recipe binder so they are at my fingertips when I need to double check the ingredient list or directions.



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