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Updated: Oct 8, 2019

Life starts to add up and get very realistic very fast. Everyone has their own struggles and sources of stress and sometimes they overwhelm us or even consume our thoughts for a day or longer. Recently, I have noticed that I have been dwelling on the obstacles I face a little too much. Whenever you have had a long day it can be easy to fall into a pattern of discussing everything that is a weight on your shoulders. For me, talking about what is bringing me down, does not bring me back up!

Therefore after recognizing this correlation, over the past two weeks I have made a conscious effort to redirect any negative energy. When I catch myself starting to rant, I take a few moments to reflect and be silent before continuing a conversation. Understand why you are feeling down, stressed, sorry for yourself, or if you’re just in a mood that day. Most importantly know that it is okay to feel this way and continue to recognize your emotions.

“be the energy you wish to attract”

Now it’s time to change your attitude and mindset and refocus your energy in a positive direction! Realize that nothing better will occur without change. Start channeling more happy, motivated thoughts and think about all of the good things in your life. Positive energy will attract your goals and your focus will be placed on climbing the ladder to a happier, more fulfilling life.

Do you need some help getting out of a funk?

~Turn to the people who get you. Surround yourself with friends who can make you laugh and family who can support your mission.

~Find any source of inspiration to help motivate your next steps! Create a Pinterest board, walk in nature, watch live music, listen to a podcast, write down a list of your role models, practice outdoor yoga, or even put on your favorite outfit.

~Trade in time spent discussing everything that is going against you for all of the possibilities and opportunities you have waiting for you right now.

Don’t let negative energy hold you back from success. Start acting like the person you want to be and everything else will follow. Find positive inspiration, people, and energy to live your best life. You can do it and so can I.

“we rise by lifting others”

One last tip, I have recently downloaded a daily affirmation app on my phone. This is a fun and enriching way to get some positive insight each day and it’s right at your fingertips!

Some of my favorite positive affirmations include:

~I feel happiness in my heart

~I am doing my best

~I feel grateful for my family

~I am enough

~I believe in myself

~I give love unconditionally

~I am excited for what is to come

~I love myself as I am

~I choose to be positive

I would love to hear some of the ways you try to be more positive... comment on my latest Instagram post and share your favorite positive affirmation or tip!

Remember that happiness looks gorgeous on you! Sending you support and smiles for your own positivity journey.



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