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Updated: Jan 22, 2020

It is Fashion Revolution Week!

If you have never heard of this movement before, here is a brief rundown. Fashion Revolution is run by a group of influencers in the fashion industry who strive to change the way clothing is sourced and made. This is a global movement to raise awareness of unethical issues in the industry and introduce positive reform for a more sustainable outlook on fashion. April 23-29th is Fashion Revolution Week to encourage transparency in more brands and consumers ask #whomademyclothes. This week falls on the anniversary of the devastating Rana Plaza collapse in Bangladesh where over 1,000 garment workers died due to neglected working conditions on April 24th, 2013. If this topic interests you, I highly recommend watching The True Cost documentary that is offered on Netflix to gain more insight into the fashion industry. This documentary was honestly a huge eye-opener for me personally and caused me to question my shopping habits and lifestyle. Over the past year I have reflected on the value that material goods and specifically clothing add to my life. I have found that although I love fashion and wearing new, trendy pieces, some of my favorite outfits come as hand-me-downs from family or friends or are unique thrifted finds!

~Enjoy saving some of your hard earned money by shopping secondhand.

~Join the eco movement and support brands who strive to be better!

~Lessen your individual impact on the environment by upcycling and making sustainable adjustments to give articles of clothing a new life before the landfill!

Follow @fash_rev on Instagram to watch this slow fashion movement grow and showcase influencers who are here to incite change and protect our planet.

I encourage you to ask yourself “who makes this? where does this come from? who else is impacted by my choices?” the next time you shop. Knowledge is power and consumers deserve to know the facts about the brands they support. Since I am a college student on a budget, I do not always have the extra funds to support the ethical and eco brands that I would like to, therefore I thrift when I can and try to get as much wear out of what I have as possible. I would like to support more of the brands that I listed below in the future, but for now it is just amazing to see inspiring Youtubers and influencers spread the word about slow fashion and conscious living!

Here are some of my favorite resources that I visit to become a more conscious consumer and learn about ethical and sustainable living. From YouTube channels and influencers to inspiring brands, use this list to find helpful information regarding sustainable fashion and ethical tips!

Youtube: My Green Closet | Alli Cherry | Kristen Leo | Madeleine Olivia | Cruelty-Free Becky

Brands: Girlfriend Collective | Patagonia | Alternative Apparel | People Tree | Groceries Apparel | ABLE | Neo Thread | Oakie | The Hemp Temple | Omness | Synergy Clothing | Rowie The Label

Thrifting: local thrift stores | online secondhand shops- poshmark, depop, ebay

I will go into more detail on thrifting in an upcoming post! Be on the lookout for my own thrifting tips and some of my favorite thrifted finds because there will also be an Instagram giveaway accompanying the post!



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