I Tried Shaving with a Safety Razor... Lisse Shave Review

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Welcome back friends to another #eco blog post! I am beyond excited to share my first experience using a safety razor and to introduce you to a new shaving brand that is seriously next level.

What Is Zero Waste Shaving?

It's time to talk about those cheap, disposable razors we all started using in our early teens that had just a few blades, came in cute colors, and were easy enough to use for beginners. These little guys didn’t last very long before rusting and you never got the closest shave! And talk about razor bumps... no thank you! Are you ready to upgrade your shaving routine? If so, you’ve got to try out Lisse.

How to Use a Safety Razor: the same as any other razor! Lisse has some helpful tips on their site to get you started. I'll link the page here so you can check out the details if this is your first time using a safety razor.

My Experience:

I was a little nervous to try out my safety razor for the first time. It feels different in your hand and isn't what you're used to. I took it really slow and steady the first time around to make sure I didn't cut myself or mess up! I'm happy to report everything went smoothly and I didn't even cut my kneecaps which was amazing! Getting adjusted to this new razor took just a few shaves and now I'm fully confident when using it. Keep in mind there is a blade on both sides of the razor and the head is a bit bulkier than others so just be mindful of where you're shaving.

Time for some real talk... I tried shaving EVERYWHERE with this safety razor. I have to say the style and the blades worked wonders when shaving coarser or thicker patches of hair. Even better, you hair doesn't get stuck in the razor blades like it usually does! Be careful around any bony areas, your shins, and your bikini line. The head of this razor doesn't pivot so you have to do that part sort of manually.

Overall, I really enjoy using my safety razor and will definitely use it as my predominant shaving method. I may hold on to my other disposable razor with a small, flexible head for those extra hard to reach areas haha. Or at least until I'm a safety razor wizard. But my Lisse Razor worked wonders and I highly recommend making the switch to a safety razor. Even if you only use it 90% of the time, you'll cut down on your disposable razor use which will help out the earth and save you money in the long run. Woo!

Why You Should Try Lisse:

  • Their safety razors are a beautiful rose gold that will look super cute sitting in your bathroom

  • 2% of gross sales are donated to Femme International to empower young women through health and menstrual education in East Africa.

  • They're vegan, toxic free, and cruelty free!

  • With good care, this razor will last you forever!! all you have to do is replace the blade every so often so it’s a wonderful investment

  • You get to support a female business! Lisse is ran by Amy, the one-woman show behind the brand.

And if that isn't enough to get you to consider the switch to sustainable shaving, did you know that by 2050 it's predicted there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish!!

*This razor was kindly gifted to me, but all thoughts are genuine and my own. I only collaborate and share products/brands that I believe in, use myself, and uphold values I respect and admire. *Video Coming Soon - To see my first impressions of this safety razor and watch me use it for the first time live!

For more zero waste tips, check out my eco-friendly living page! Comment below one of the eco-friendly swaps you've made in your bathroom or beauty routine lately, I'd love to know!



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