I Tried Getaway House... and What to Pack

Welcome friend! If you're new here, my name is Marley and I strive to spread positive vibes and inspire others about health, wellness, and eco-friendly living. Recently, I tried Getaway House and I wanted to share my experience so you can find out more about these tiny cabins nested in the woods! I also posted a video of our trip on my YouTube channel and lots of photos over on my Instagram if you want to check those out too!

Getaway House offers tiny modern cabins scattered across the United States and wish to provide a place to relax and reconnect with nature. You may not have WiFi or cell service while on your trip and that's on purpose! Getaway encourages visitors to explore the nature trails, read a book, and unwind from life. (On my trip, we did have service so we were able to watch a movie in bed and use our phones just fine.)

We stayed at the Beaver Creek outpost located near Pittsburgh and Cleveland guests. There is not much to do in the surrounding area, but we did venture out to the town and drive around to check it out. Two Smart Cookies, a small pastry shop recommended by the Getaway Team, is a few minutes away and offers coffee and sweet treats. Evan and I treated ourselves to some cupcakes for dessert and they were really good!

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What We Packed:

  • Extra Bath Towel

  • Extra Blanket (didn't need)

  • Seasonings for cooking

  • Aluminum Foil

  • Glass food storage container

  • Sandwich bags (these are better!)

  • Board Game and deck of cards

  • Yeti Tumbler

  • Books and magazines

* We went to Getaway in December and the weather was snowy and freezing! We wanted to prepare for the cold so we packed an extra bath towel and blanket just in case. The towel came in handy because they didn't dry very fast in the cabin so it was great to have an extra! We didn't end up needing a blanket because the cabin was definitely warm enough and the comforter and wool blanket already provided kept us cozy and warm. We brought some spices to cook with, aluminum foil, sandwich bags (but Stasher bags are even better!) and a glass container for any leftover food. These are definitely not necessary, but we were glad to have all of them to make flavorful dinners and decrease our food waste. It turns out Evan and I are pretty helpless when it comes to card games haha so we didn't have much fun with those, but we did play a few other games which helped to pass the time in the cold winter evenings. My Yeti Tumber was a life saver to keep our tea hot! I typically use an electric kettle to boil water for coffee and tea at home, but Getaway has a stovetop kettle which takes awhile to boil so we loved using the Yeti during our stay.

What We Wish We Packed:

Keep in mind that we enjoyed our stay without any of these items and none of these are necessary to bring! These items are just a few things we would consider packing to make our next stay more of a glamping or vacation experience.

  • Dish Towel

  • Water Filter

  • Spatula

  • Pour over or French Press

  • Olive oil

  • Possibly an extra pan, but definitely a lid to a pan

  • More board games

  • Power Strip (only one outlet)

  • Salt lamp and string lights for dreamy lighting

  • Wash cloth

*Our stay was perfectly comfortable at Getaway with everything we had packed for our trip! But, to make our next stay even more relaxing, I made sure to write a small list of some things we wish we would've packed. I don't recall Getaway having any wash cloths if you want to wash your face so I would bring my own next time. Since it was a chilly December and Evan and I love to cook, our dish towels got a lot of use and took forever to dry so an extra is helpful! Speaking of cooking, Getaway provides a variety of utensils for cooking and dining, but they didn't have a true spatula for flipping eggs or pancakes! They also had one pan for cooking, but we could have used two pans that way we can simultaneously toast up our bread in one and fry our eggs in the other for a hot, delicious breakfast! To save yourself from any splatters or food on your clothes, I would bring at least a lid for a medium sized pan since Getaway didn't have a lid.

Three more food related items we wish we would've packed (like I said we are big foodies over here) include a water filter, olive oil, and a pour over. The water at Getaway tasted very chlorinated compared to what we were used to at home and it was honestly not pleasant to drink. I'm not sure if a water filter would correct this, but I figured it could be worth a try! Getaway has a bunch of little olive oil packets that you can use for cooking, but I would much prefer bringing a large glass container of olive oil to avoid using single use packets and plastic. Lastly, we tried out the special pour over coffee that Getaway provides. The process is basically to steep the coffee grounds like you would a tea bag. However, this wasn't the best cup of coffee or very strong, so we would bring a pour over or french press next time to make our favorite brew.

*A few more suggestions, if you have a few people in your Cabin or you need to charge things like a camera, laptop, or bluetooth speaker consider bringing a power strip! Our cabin only had one single outlet so Evan and I had to take turns charging our phones. This also would allow you to plug in extra lighting like string lights or a salt lamp to have on once it's dark out. Evan and I didn't bring enough board games to play and grew bored of the two we had pretty quickly so pack extra games or activities if you plan to go in the winter when your time outdoors is limited.

Watch my vlog of our trip to Getaway on to see more! :) Evan and I enjoyed our stay at Getaway and we hope you do too! If you try out these tiny cabins let me know what you think and share your favorite part!



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