How to Stay in Touch With Friends

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

I love the saying “your vibe attracts your tribe" because surrounding yourself with positive people and friends who care adds so much value to your day to day life. I am so grateful to have some truly wonderful, caring, and genuine friends in my life. Some of these friends are from growing up or high school while other lovely ladies are from college. What is difficult to deal with are those gaps of time where you are missing your bffs because your paths are not crossing at the moment. Whether you go to different schools, live in different places, or are just apart for the summer, it can be a struggle to suddenly not have that good friend by your side. I love the people in my life and I like to keep them close. It is not always easy to stay in touch, but your future self will thank you for reaching out. Here are a few tips that have worked for me to maintain close friendships while being a college student.

#1 Make the first move

I know that my friends are just as busy as I am and that sometimes we forget to talk for a little while. However, instead of playing a waiting game, find something funny or encouraging to say and reach out first! This will break up any awkward silence and get your friendship moving forward again.

#2 Send a photo

Sometimes I like to text my friends an inspiring quote from Pinterest to spread positive vibes or to wish them good luck, especially if they are preparing for a test. Or you can use apps like Snapchat to briefly contact your besties without having to set aside a lot of time to talk.

#3 Plan ahead

You both have something exciting to look forward to when you plan a future coffee date or movie night. Also, actually setting a date will help you be more accountable than just saying “yes we should get together soon!” Planning ahead also ensures both parties are available unlike last minute arrangements.

#4 Send a card

Show your friends some extra love and kindness by sending them a card! It is always nice to get mail while you are away at college. Keep it simple by sending a sweet Valentine or birthday card!

#5 Schedule it out

Set a time that works for both of you to talk on the phone or Facetime. Maybe every Sunday you and your bestie chat on speaker phone while you clean up your room or go for a walk. Having a repeat vent sesh with your gal will soon become a natural part of your weekly routine.

#6 Start a group message

If you and a few friends share a GM, then someone is likely to reach out more often than direct messages. This will give you and your friends more opportunities to talk and will help overcome laziness or pushing things off.

What are some of the ways you and your friends stay in touch?



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