How to Reduce Stress by Journaling

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

I have always been a list-maker. I love to write down ideas and doodle in my notebook like I did as a kid. Recently, I realized that channeling my creativity through journaling can actually be a huge stress reliever!

Whether I wake up with a million things on my mind or I need to prepare for big project, keeping track of my life in a journal is the perfect way to get organized and stay calm. Usually I just use any old notebook lying around and flip to a random page and start writing. However, I can never find lists or goals that I wrote in the past since this method is pretty unorganized.

I wish I had the patience to create a photo-worthy bullet journal like some bujo ladies I know. Possibly I can work my way up to this level of organization and creativity, but for now I enjoy tracking how my day goes, what I am grateful for, how I am feeling, and of course my list of to-dos. Here are some planners that would be perfect for this sort of thing: Transcending Waves, High Point Supply Company, and 52 Lists for Happiness.

You can even sort out your thoughts in more than one journal for each purpose. For example, you may focus on self-growth and positivity in one journal, your school work and to-dos in another journal, and possibly a list of life goals and gratitudes in another journal. Sort out your stress in any way that helps you have a better week.

Not only does journaling help to relieve stress, but it also has other health benefits. For starters, keeping a journal will help you get in touch with your emotions to better understand how you are feeling and why! Becoming more aware of your own emotions will allow you to take control of your actions and be more sensitive to others in touchy situations.

Journaling will assist you in forming a healthy lifestyle routine to follow each day. Just like anything else you wish to accomplish, journaling daily or weekly is an act of self-discipline. In order to form a habit you must will yourself to do so and repeatedly. Journaling is one small piece of the puzzle to maintaining a productive lifestyle.

In addition to relieving stress and forming healthy habits, journaling can also help you live in the moment and remember wonderful experiences later on. Sometimes the smallest part of our day can be something that brings us great joy. Write this happiness down to relive later when you need to shine a little bit of light on your day.

~ become more mindful of your free time and value the quiet moments to yourself ~

The next time you are stressed, remember to just slow down and try writing about it. This can even help you reflect on what you really want to communicate before you confide in friends and family for advice. Overall, journaling has helped me better my relationship with myself. I am able to better understand my health, happiness, and goals while making this a ritual in my daily routine.

~ life stressors build up each day and try to stop us from achieving our goals. sit down, relax, journal it out, and set your thoughts free. ~

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