How to Grow Your Pinterest Monthly Viewers

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

I am 100% Pinterest obsessed!! I love how creative images inspire me to start a new project or grab my camera for a fun photoshoot with a friend :) Keep on reading to see how Pinterest can help you and how you can start to grow your account!

How to Grow Your Pinterest Monthly Viewers

Pinterest is a great tool for small businesses, bloggers, and girl bosses of every kind! This platform is a great chance to gain fresh eyes and increase traffic to your site. In this post I will be sharing my top five tips to grow your monthly viewers on Pinterest. These are some social media hacks that when used in combination, have increased my viewers on my Pinterest page over time.

How to Grow Your Pinterest Monthly Viewers

Tip #1 - Pin Everyday

This may sound like a lot, however with my experience, both frequency and quantity of pinning will directly affect how many monthly viewers I have. If I take a few days off from using the app, my monthly viewers start to decrease pretty much immediately. This tells me that Pinterest wants users to love the app and use it in their everyday lives to share content and promote the platform as much as possible. The more often you pin, the better!

*Disclaimer: It is really important to make sure you are still having fun and enjoying the platform. Pinning shouldn’t feel like a chore and your monthly viewers don’t matter if you’re feeling overwhelmed or discouraged. Just remember Pinterest is a place to feel inspired so you should enjoy the time you spend on it :)

Tip #2 - Share on Socials

Many of my followers most likely do not have a Pinterest account, however from sharing my Pinterest page to my Facebook or Instagram, I have made a few connections and encouraged traffic to my page. I like to screenshot some of my recent aesthetic pins and post them to my story so my followers can see what I am admiring and interested in. This is a fun way to share your hobbies or interests with others, especially if you don’t have the time to recreate the perfect photo.

How to Grow Your Pinterest Monthly Viewers

Tip #3 - Profile Setup

Regarding your profile, you definitely want to have all of the important fields filled out. This means you will want to have a profile picture and a link to something whether that be your blog, etsy, social media, or youtube account. A complete profile looks more professional and your followers may be interested in who you are or what your brand is about so make sure you fill in all of that key info.

*Side note: You’ll want to make your account is a “business” account to open up more options and display your monthly viewers.

Tip #4 - Aesthetic Pins

It doesn’t matter how frequently you are pinning if you’re not sharing content that most people want to see. Pinning popular content that a large audience on Pinterest will enjoy will help to grow your monthly viewers. Mix up what types of content you are pinning by having diverse boards with different themes to offer a variety of information to others. Some of my favorite boards to pin to include home decor, adventure, fashion, recipes, flowers and photography just to give you some ideas as to how you can mix up your content.

*Tip: I always pin less eye-catching pins to secret boards that are useful to me, but would not necessarily draw any viewers to my feed.

How to Grow Your Pinterest Monthly Viewers

Tip #5 - Become a Pro

This last tip might seem like a no brainer, but just like other social media platforms and algorithms, Pinterest seems to like when you use the app in all possible ways. For example, I have public and private boards, I have followers and follow other accounts, I repin content that already exists on Pinterest and I upload my own links and images. I send pins in direct messages to my friends. I click through pins to read blog posts. I have collaborative boards where multiple accounts can pin content to a single board. And you can also belong to Pinterest groups for bloggers etc. and join a community that way. If you take advantage of these different options Pinterest provides, your account is likely to gain some more traffic and viewers since you are becoming a Pinterest pro!


Do you have any other tips to grow on Pinterest? I would love to hear them! Let me know if these five tips work for you and let's connect on Pinterest! :) Visit my Pinterest Page here and let me know so I can follow back!

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