Homemade Holiday Gifts + Low Waste Gift Wrap

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

Happy Holidays! I love giving gifts that are from the heart and DIY gifts are just that! Not only will you save some money making homemade gifts, you can give something unique to your friends and family that you put time and love into creating. Expensive things and tons of presents hardly represent the true meaning of Christmas and holiday spirit. Instead, spread love and happiness to those around you. And most importantly, spend more time with others. I can promise you that time is the best gift of all.

Homemade Holiday Gift Ideas:

DIY Scrubs

This DIY gift is perfect for the beauty guru or self care queen in your life! Package a homemade scrub in a glass jar and use essential oils to achieve delicious holiday scents. Some of my favorites include a peppermint foot scrub and healing honey lip scrub.

Personalized Wine Tote

Gift a personalized wine tote to your gal pals so they can bring it to upcoming wine nights! Use acrylic paint to write their name or a cute phrase on a fabric bag. I ordered bulk bags from Amazon to lower the cost + they were delivered plastic-free. Buy your friend's go-to rosé or bubbly to pair with this tote and you've got a a present they will love!

Crochet / Knit Apparel

This DIY requires some beginner crafting skills aka crochet or knitting. Find a simple scarf pattern online and create a beautiful winter accessory for a loved one. ~ Ravelry has free patterns ~ If someone in your family is able to teach you this skill, even better! Then you can make a gift and spend quality time simultaneously. I am self-taught at crochet and I absolutely love crafting new pieces. This grey cowl is my favorite piece I have ever handmade!

Home Decor

Quotes on canvas never get old! Find out your friend‘s favorite quote or paint a positive affirmation onto canvas for a DIY piece that will stand out in their home. For more inspo, subscribe to my monthly email list (at the bottom of my blog) for mantras about positivity, motivation, and self-love.

Hand Painted Mug

Calling all lovers of coffee, tea, and hot cocoa! Buy a plain white mug and an oil-based gold sharpie and start decorating! If your mug is oven-safe, place it in the oven and then turn the heat up to 350°F for 30 minutes. Baking the mug will really lock the Sharpie design in place. Hand washing the mugs will ensure the design stays intact for a longer lifespan! I made this mug for my roommate last Christmas + I’m still loving this aesthetic ~ inspired by Anthropologie ~

Homemade Treats (because chocolate)

Who doesn’t love chocolate?! Give someone the gift of healthy chocolate bark to satisfy their sweet tooth! I used to love Bark Thins, but they are a little pricey so I began making my own! Here is my guilt-free Healthy Dark Chocolate Bark recipe that you can make at home!

Low Waste Gift Wrapping:

~Materials: paper, string + a touch of green!

First look around your house to see what you already have; it is always better to utilize what you already own before buying new materials.

You can use newspaper, brown paper bags from grocery store, masking paper, twine, yarn, or ribbon. Top off your wrapping with a sprig of a plant from your yard! Get resourceful by breaking off a piece of a pine tree in your yard or other plants you have to add a little green detail to your gift wrapping.

Since I haven't wrapped any gifts yet, here are some photos from Pinterest that model the look I am talking about!

~ give homemade gifts from the heart this year + spend time relaxing with all of your favorite humans ~



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