Favorite Easy Berry Smoothie

Hi guys! I’ve been drinking this smoothie allll weekend and it's sooo good and really easy to make! Weekend breakfasts for me usually consist of omelets, potatoes, toast, sautéed veggies, and all of the specialty eats. Especially when I’m getting brunch with family and friends and we go out to eat or make a big brunch at home. However, I’ve been in the mood for lighter meals lately as I’m getting back into a better workout routine and trying to eat cleaner.

I stumbled upon this recipe completely by accident! I always add bananas to my smoothies, but this weekend I ran out. I thought frozen banana was one of those must-have ingredients in all smoothies so I never went without it! Let me tell you, skipping the banana in this smoothie is a total game changer. Now you can truly appreciate all of the berry flavor and it isn't overpowered by other strong flavors like banana. Also, by skipping the banana you'll also be skipping some sugar, making this breakfast even lighter and healthier for a quick morning or first breakfast. This is my current favorite easy berry smoothie recipe that you have to try out!

Favorite Easy Berry Smoothie

Ingredients: - 1 individual container vanilla Greek yogurt or 4 heaping spoonfuls of yogurt

- 1/2 c frozen blueberries

- 1/4 c frozen raspberries

- tablespoon peanut butter

- about 1 cup water


1. Add your yogurt to your blender cup first. Either add an individual yogurt or eyeball it if you pick up yogurt in one super big container.

2. Next up are the frozen berries. I use frozen blueberries and raspberries in this recipe, but I'm sure other ones would taste great too!

3. Scoop the peanut butter on top last and fill up the cup with water. Peanut butter has a strong taste, but will add some protein to this smoothie. If you don't love pb just add less. Same goes with the water! If you love thick smoothies add less water or if you like to enjoy yours with a straw, add a bit more water. Just use your best judgement here. :)

4. Screw on the lid and give your blender cup a good shake to mix everything up!

5. Blend everything up in a high speed blender until smooth! Add a reusable straw and sip this refreshing berry smoothie. Enjoy!

Give this recipe a "heart" if you liked it and comment down below if you try out my favorite easy berry smoothie! What are some of your breakfast favorites when you're in the mood for something a bit lighter in the morning?



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