DIY Simple + Earthy Home Decor

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

Looking for inspiration for your home or bedroom?! Here are a few of my favorite DIYs that bring a touch of a nature and coziness to a space. I have always liked minimal, earthy decor and my Pinterest boards are overflowing with eucalyptus, plants galore, and macrame wall hangings that bring bright rooms to life! For more inspiration, head over to my Pinterest boards @marley_sue.

Macrame Wall Hanging - Pull out that leftover yarn from your last crafting project and start weaving a wall hanging! Or buy one from someone who can! Here is a local shop that creates lots of lovely macrame designs @leah.creative you go girl!

Selfie Circle Mirror - I love a good circle mirror. Hang one in your bedroom, attach some dried eucalyptus, tape some flowers on the wall and you'll have yourself the perfect selfie corner!

Vintage Wooden Ladder - Keep your cozy blankets close by using a wooden ladder. This DIY requires little effort so it is an easy place to start when redecorating. If you're lucky you might be able to get your hands on a vintage ladder from an antique's shop or you can lightly distress one yourself!

Floating Candle Jars - How beautiful are these mason jars?! I filled these jars with rosemary, cranberries, and an orange slice for Thanksgiving which made perfect centerpieces. Place a floating candle on top to illuminate your space for the holidays and adjust the greenery as the seasons change.

Yarn Tassle Garland - Bring back the yarn for this DIY! Make some tassles by wrapping yarn around your hand to make a circle, snipping one end, and securing the other! Use colors of yarn that match your style, but you can never go wrong with neutrals.

Potato Stamped Prints - First, customize some stamps by cutting a design into a potato - this is super low waste. I used to do this with my grandmother when I was little and it was so fun to create your own design and get creative. Stamp a pattern onto fabric to make a pillow or stamp onto paper for homemade holiday wrapping! Save a piece of stamped paper so you can frame your artwork.

Painted Wooden Sign - Head to a local craft store for a block of wood to paint. Write out your favorite quote or something that feels like home to you. If you are not talented at painting/lettering, my good friend Delaney sells beautiful wooden signs @wordsonwoodland and takes custom orders!

~ My college roommates' sister, Katie, is seriously amazing at decorating and all things graphic design. She was so sweet and took the time to redecorate our college dorm with boho DIYs and thrifted decor. You would never know some of these items were secondhand! Projects like these are a wonderful way to save money and get a unique-to-you style for your home. I am so happy with the results! Thank you so much Katie!

~ I hope these DIYs take your home decor to the next level! Enjoy relaxing and creating earthy designs that bring your space to life ~



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