Boho Bandana Hairstyles

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

Step 1: Roll out of bed

Step 2: Tie a bandana scarf in your hair

Step 3: Proudly rock your simply styled bedhead all day long

I love switching up my hairstyles with boho headbands and more specifically bandana scarfs! I wake up with crazy curls that need tamed asap. I am not a pro at french braiding nor intricate updos so looks like these are typically my most loved hairstyles. Not only are these styles quick and easy, they look adorable and will make a statement. Plus, there are endless ways to rock a bandana scarf so feel free to get creative.

Here are some of my favorite ways to sport a scarf:

Look #1 Topknot

Wrap your scarf around a topknot and tie tight! That's it!

Look #2 Half up Half down

Pull back a section of your hair and secure with a pony tail. Tie your bandana scarf around the pony tail and you are good to go. I wore my hair like this to a concert and it was the perfect touch to my outfit and kept my hair out of my face while I was dancing and singing all night long.

Look #3 Low Bun

Keep your look effortless with a low bun and add a silk scarf to dress it up a bit.

Look #4 Classic Pony

A colorful scarf is such a pretty touch to your pony, and if you have medium or long length hair the scarf blends right in.

Look #5 Headband

Roll up your scarf and tie around your head where you would normally wear a headband. Twist the scarf around so that the ties are facing front or back, whichever you prefer!


Tie your scarf to your everyday bag, on your wrist, or around your neck to give your outfit a hint of color and feminine, boho flair. I always get compliments when I do any of these so definitely give them a try! This is also a perfect way to get creative with bandana scarves if you have short hair.

Tag me on Instagram @marley.sue if you recreate one of these boho scarf styles! I can't wait to see your own creations and fashion looks this season. My Lovely Locks Pinterest board is full of inspiration if you are looking for more effortless hairstyles to try out.

~ we are the ones with the messy hair, smiles like the sun, and a free spirit ~



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