23 Things I Learned in 23 Years

Where are my Taurus' at?! April is one of my favorite months because nature starts to bloom and come alive. Plus, I love Earth day and taking walks in the warm weather again. Before my birth month comes to an end, I wanted to share 23 things I learned in 23 years with you. I sort of can't believe I'm 23 already haha. Of course 23 is still super young, but 23 feels different. No longer can I identify as a "broke college student", but I may have to replace that with "getting-by young adult" as I pay off my student loans and prepare to move out. I see it as floating in the middle of two life chapters: a college kid who lives at home versus an independent girl boss who is thriving. Who else is waiting to be swept away by a new magical life chapter?!

Here are some lessons I've learned so far that you can apply to your life as well! Comment down below and tell me a valuable lesson you've learned to live by.

23 Things I Learned in 23 Years

1. Be an optimist.

From a young age I recognized myself as an optimist. I was always hopeful that the best opportunity would turn out for me. In my opinion, it's helpful to focus on the good. If you consider yourself a pessimist, try changing your natural reaction to a situation and think about the good that can come from it. Trust your abilities and let some luck come your way!

2. Move your body.

I grew up playing softball and volleyball and loved being active in general. These days it's definitely more of a challenge to find the motivation to workout or get outside, but afterward I feel so much better! Moving your body in any way, shape, or form will help you feel healthy, happy, productive, and strong. If I'm really not in the mood, then I take time to relax and try again another day. If I'm just being lazy, then I commit myself to just a quick 20 minute workout.

3. Surround yourself with like-minded, positive people.

I've always liked the quote "surround yourself with people who feel like sunshine." Who are those people who just light up a room and make you smile and laugh? That's who I want to be around! Spending time with those who enjoy the little things and have a positive mindset will help raise your frequency and bring positive vibes your way too.

4. Stay daydreaming.

You guys should see all of the journals and notebooks I've owned. My notebooks display a chaotic, but beautiful mess of ideas, dreams, and my thought process going in every which way. I'm 100% a daydreamer and would catch myself thinking of a business, adventure, or life goal while sitting in class or waiting in the doctor's office. Stay daydreaming because one day you will think of an idea that could turn into your career or life's purpose!

5. Live in the moment.

Sometimes I try to plan way too far ahead and I forget to enjoy the present! The point is, you won't get those hours back from your favorite concert or day spent with a grandparent so you might as well enjoy them in the moment. Find something good in each day and take things one day at a time to get the most out of your story.

6. Be kinder than you feel.

We all have grumpy days. I've been told I am pretty bubbly and positive my whole life! But, I definitely have my fair share of grumpy and sassy days. I've realized it's a good practice to always be kinder than you feel. You may have failed an exam or had a rough day at work so snapping at a loved one is pretty easy to do. Practice kindness and take a deep breath before you respond to others and you'll often get out of your funk a lot easier with positive responses instead of hurting the people you love.

7. Stay true to you.

Find what you stand for and stay true to yourself. Only you can share your unique journey and perspective and no one can replicate that! With everyone's lives on public display on social media, you may want to be like someone who inspires you or change who you are to fit a more popular image. Don't do it friends! You are enough and your story is unapologetically, authentically you. Here is a blog post I wrote about staying true to yourself!

8. Hard times make you stronger.

Bad breakups, loss in the family, missed job opportunities, and any low point you may have experienced so far has and will continue to make you stronger. Remember to be brave and trust that you can get through anything. You are resilient. During these difficult times, you'll also discover who is always there for you and maybe someone who is going through the same thing and you had no idea!

9. Know your worth.

My mom always reminded me of my worth growing up. She'd make sure I knew how capable I was of my goals and that I was smart, beautiful, and strong. Thanks mom! This was a great lesson to remember and it helped me get through relationships, jobs and other scenarios where I knew I deserved better and I wouldn't settle for something that wasn't for me. Know your worth and don't let others take advantage of you! You are amazing girlfriend, believe it.

10. Love your body or learn to.

I feel like this lesson should almost be titled "accept that your body has changed since high school and you're just not getting back to that girl" lol. Honestly though! Don't feel bad if you've put on some weight or filled out in new ways since the 10th grade, because we all have. My weight fluctuates, I don't fit into my high school jeans, sometimes I'm confident in a bikini and other times I'm more comfortable in a one piece and all of that is okay! Learn to love your curves, quirks, dimples, stretch marks, and all of the things that make you you. This may take time and you still may look in the mirror and just turn right around, but work on loving your body and thanking it for where it has taken you and it's good health.

11. Talk about your struggles or write about them.

I wouldn't consider myself an emotional person. I was never a huge crier and kept a lot of my feelings to myself. Growing up I was the girl who wanted to show off a bruise or scuffed knee from sliding into second base at softball and play alongside my brother and boy cousins haha. I think most would agree that college is an emotional rollercoaster, so let's just say I have changed a bit. Talking about your struggles, low points, anxiety, and emotions is so helpful in not feeling alone! If you're not comfortable talking to someone then grab a journal and write it all down. A creative writing class I took my senior year definitely fueled some emotional journal entries that helped me feel.

12. Call your friends and family.

I'm still a bit guilty of putting this one off, but I try my best to call my friends and family to stay connected. Keep your people close and just give them a quick call. No matter how busy your schedule is, a few minutes on the phone isn't going to ruin it. Call people, ask about their day, and tell them you love them. Don't send a text, don't message via Facebook, don't wait for them to call you first.

13. Prioritize your self care routine.

Self care is key to maintaining a healthy, happy lifestyle. Whenever I neglect my self care routine, I start to feel rundown and stressed as if I've had no time to myself! Make sure you spend an extra five minutes each day to make a cup of tea, shave your legs, listen to a podcast, or exfoliate. I feel like gold after a good at home spa night.

14. Strive for balance.

Sometimes I bake super healthy muffins or sugar-free berry crumbles and other days I'm reaching for the boxed brownie mix. Same goes for working out and self care. There's always days you feel super productive, eat clean, and smash a workout and then there's slow days when showering in the morning is a huge accomplishment. I strive for balance and progress over perfection. Balance is achievable and maintainable and will help prevent you from going on a candy binge or feeling bad that you didn't meet your 5 day workout goal this week. Relax the rules and listen to your body.

15. Good things are coming.

Whether you're in a tough spot or just need a positive reminder, remember that good things are coming. Sometimes we can get trapped in thinking something will never end or get better, but good things happen and they will happen to you! When you manifest happiness and success you are attracting a future of goodness and instilling trust in yourself.

16. Never underestimate the power of a good song.

Music is my thinggg. I've always been into making specific playlists for each school year or for different genres. I recommend creating a playlist of songs that lift your spirits. Think of those songs that you can belt out in the car or dance to while you clean your bedroom. Whenever I'm stressed, in a crappy mood, or trying to get a project completed, I always turn on a high vibe playlist to jam out to. Total mood booster!

17. Hold yourself accountable.

As a procrastination queen myself, I've always dreamed of being that super on-time person crossing off my to-do list and waking up at 6 am. Even though I admire this lifestyle, it just isn't right for me. However, I've improved at holding myself accountable to different tasks which has directly affected my achievements. Start living up to those girl boss aspirations you have by holding yourself accountable and setting aside time to learn, create, and thrive.

18. Remember random acts of kindness.

Send some love and good vibes to others! Write a letter to someone, venmo your friend cash for their next coffee order, bring flowers home for your mom. You never know what someone else is feeling or going through and random acts of kindness can help brighten their day! Practice a random act of kindness now that everyone is home in quarantine missing each other! Sign up for my monthly newsletter to get some cute free card designs you can print at home and mail out yourself!

19. Revisit old hobbies or try something new!

Get back into those old hobbies you used to love! I'm sure you're used to hearing or thinking "I don't have spare time for that..." but you can make time for anything if you really want to. Set aside one night a month to get back into an activity just for fun! Have a painting night at home, tie dye old shirts, make friendship bracelets, color a picture, or play an outdoor game. I get caught up in work and my website so much that I need time to unwind and do something hands-on that is a total stress reliever. If you've outgrown old hobbies, try something completely new! I tried rock climbing for the first time and it was a fun and challenging practice that I'd definitely do again.

20. Leave comparison at the door.

My mom always told me not to compare myself to others and this is a lesson that needs to be shared and reiterated. Comparison kills creativity and it's hard to avoid when you follow influencers and people who you think have the most magical, unattainable lives. Be grateful for what you have and where you're at. Follow people who inspire you and make you feel good. Try your best to not compare your journey to someone else's and realize that is NOT your journey. You are wonderfully unique and you should stay that way.

21. Let love in.

If someone is meant to be in your life, trust that it will be made known. Welcome new friendships, beginnings, and relationships into your life. The right people will stay. Have an open mind and go out of your way to connect with people who shares your values. Remember you are so loved and you are worthy of that love. Let love in and light up your soul, sister.

22. Believe in yourself more than anything.

Be your number one supporter! Do your own thing and believe in yourself more than anything. Only you can go after your goals and fuel your own success. Support, accolades, and advice from others is helpful to move you along on your path, but make sure you believe in yourself the most!

23. Keep trying your best.

My goal is to inspire women to be their best self through conscious living and positivity. I've always felt it's important to be genuine and stay true to yourself. In addition to embracing your quirks and talents, remember that you're always learning, growing, and trying to be your best. I am a big believer in self-improvement and building on your character and I emulate this and much more through my blog as well as the monthly positive affirmations I share with my email list.



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