10 Steps To Get The Modern, Boho Bedroom of Your Dreams

Are you ready to transform your bedroom into the most stunning space?! I'm sharing some showstopper must-haves and female-owned Pittsburgh businesses to help you decorate a space that's totally Pinterest-worthy! Follow my 10 decorating steps to get the modern, boho bedroom of your dreams!

With any creative project, I recommend creating a Pinterest board to collect all of the images and products that inspire you. This is a great way to have all of your ideas stored in one place. If you don't have time to start your own Pinterest board from scratch, check out my "boho bedroom" board that has over 2,500 pins to get you started!

10 Steps to Get the Modern, Boho Bedroom of Your Dreams:

1. Warm Color Scheme

In my opinion, most modern and boho bedrooms have a warmer color scheme. But if you love cool tones like blues and greens then decorate with those instead! I love how soft pinks and warmer colors glow in the sunlight and create such a dreamy aesthetic.

2. Modern Prints / Wall Art

Blank walls are simply no fun! It's time to add some interest to your space with modern prints and wall art. Start small by adding one or two framed prints like this cute sun print or this positive quote. Or start a gallery wall with different sized frames and prints!

Check out my new Etsy shop for modern and boho prints that I design to inspire others and spread allll of the positive vibes. I just made my first 10 sales over the weekend and couldn't be more grateful. :)

3. Variety of Pillows

Matchy matchy pillows and decor are definitely a trend of the past. Mix things up with a variety of colors, textures, fabrics, and prints to achieve the ultimate Pinterest-inspired bedroom. Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters have the cutest pillows, but I've seen a lot of people DIY them to get the same look for half the price!

4. Salt Lamps

I'm obsessed with having salt lamps in my room to add a boho touch and soft, warm lighting to my safe space. Some believe that salt lamps can help to clean the air and promote better sleep. Either way, you definitely need one of these in your room! I love having it on at night instead of a bright lamp. You can find affordable salt rock lamps from Marshalls or T.J.Maxx. Or check out this $20 one from Amazon.

5. Macrame Decor

I love that macrame is back! Macrame adds a natural aesthetic to your space and literally matches anything! This is a super easy way to bring a boho feel to your bedroom.

Check out my favorite macrame Etsy shop to browse some beautiful products handmade in Pittsburgh.

6. Circle Mirror

Decorating with different shaped mirrors can elevate your style and add more interest to your walls. I've had a circle mirror on my wishlist for awhile now and I can't wait to get one for my future apartment! I also love the look of vintage mirrors which can help to bring the old and the new together for a cohesive feel. I bet you can find an old mirror in your basement or from a family member and give it a quick spray paint to bring it back to life!

Click here to shop the middle picture below and grab a woven mirror from Urban Outfitters.

7. Real or Faux Plants

So many Pinterest rooms have an abundance of plants! Bring the outdoors in and add some life to your room. If you don't have a green thumb, grab some faux plants to get the same vibe without the hassle. I'm hoping to get some real plants soon and learn more about keeping plant babies alive in my new space.

Check your local flower shops and greenhouses first! I've heard great things about @thefarmersdaughterflowers which is a local flower shop in Pittsburgh.

8. Pottery

I'm lucky to have a collection of free pottery pieces that my brother and I made in high school! Haha. Pottery adds a unique and natural touch to your room. Find a vase to add some flowers into, get a little pot to hold cotton balls, or a cute catch-all dish for jewelry or keys. If you don't have any pottery at home, there are so many modern and boho brands you can find online.

I just discovered this Pittsburgh pottery shop on Instagram and I'm already in love! Check out @jennavandenbrink and shop some of her beautiful ceramics.

9. Thrifted Finds

Finally, get thrifting! Not only is thrifting a good way to redecorate on a budget, but you can find really interesting pieces that are one-of-a-kind! Search for frames, pottery, books, mirrors, cool chairs and art to repurpose. Since we're currently staying at home and thrift stores are all probably closed, head to Facebook marketplace or other online thrift stores.

10. Finishing Touches

- Baskets

Baskets double as decor and storage which I love. You can store your extra blankets, bathroom accessories, hair tools, crafting supplies and more in a cute woven basket. I've noticed some stylish and affordable baskets at IKEA, Target, and HomeGoods.

- Pampas Grass

To bring the ultimate beachy, boho vibe into your space, get your hands on some pampas grass! Dried flowers and pampas grass are on my list of things to remember when I'm decorating my next space.

If you want to shop local to Pittsburgh, check out this Etsy shop that sells adorable dried flower arrangements!

- Books

Display some of your favorite reads on a bedside table! Or if you're not much of a reader, choose some books from home or a thrift store with pretty covers that you can arrange on a bookshelf to add some visual interest and variety to your decor.

- Vintage Glass

Maybe pottery isn't your thing or you want to mix things up! Try decorating with vintage colored glass. You can find cool drinking glasses and other unique pieces to bring pops of color to your bedroom. Get creative and see what you can find to make your room feel like you! Hot Haute Hot is a Pittsburgh boutique that sells vintage furniture, home goods, and so many unique pieces. Here is a link to some of their hand painted glass sets.

- Throw Blanket

I'm all about the cozy, comfy vibes and fuzzy blankets are my best friend now that we're quarantined at home. I love having extra throw blankets to use when I'm working on my laptop or watching a movie. Plus they make your room inviting!

- Essential Oil Diffuser

Switching out your candles for an essential oil diffuser will elevate the vibe in your room and also elevate your health! Many candles have toxic ingredients that you don't want to invite into your home. Find a reputable essential oil company instead and add a few drops to a cute diffuser! I like Rocky Mountain Oils and Aura Cacia essential oils.

- Hat / Basket Wall Decor

If you look to Pinterest for home decor inspiration, then I bet you've noticed these cute wall trends. Even on Instagram I've noticed girls lining up some of their favorite hats next to a mirror in their room or arranging woven baskets on the wall above their couch. Which trend do you like better, hanging hats or baskets for modern, boho wall decor?

Follow these steps and check out the brands I've linked to start designing your dream space! Tag me on Instagram @marley.sue so I can see how you've redecorated using my tips.

Small Pittsburgh Businesses I Mentioned:

Shop Marley Sue (my Etsy shop) | Old Soul New Age | The Farmer's Daughter Flowers | Jenna Vanden Brink | Botanical Gypsy | Hot Haute Hot



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