10 Healthy Habits That Will Change Your Life

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

Hello lovely people! I hope you are as excited as I am to start your New Years' resolutions this year. I am sharing my own resolutions with you and they are 10 healthy habits that you can include in your daily life as well! I encourage you to write your list of goals down and start implementing them in 2019. *Important note: Do not set unrealistic goals for yourself that you know you will not keep. Choose just a few things you really really want to change and focus on those! There is no better time to start chasing your dreams than the present.

10 Healthy Habits That Will Change Your Life:

#1- Essential Oils

I have been religiously using essential oils for my overall health and wellbeing for about three years. Since I have been living in a dorm and candles are discouraged, I opt for an essential oil diffuser instead. I love to diffuse lavender and calming oils, lemon and citrus, and spicy oils like peppermint and clove. I highly recommend looking into some trustworthy essential oil brands and getting a small diffuser for your bedroom. Essential oils can be used in so many ways! Include them in your beauty routine, add a few drops to a hot shower, rub them on your temples or the bottoms of your feet. *If you are just starting out, I would suggest purchasing lavender, peppermint, and lemon. These are three very versatile oils that you can diffuse, add to cleaning products, and more plus they smell amazing!

#2 - Drink More Water

Staying hydrated throughout the day is something that I find affects my mood and how alert I feel. Most days I drink tea and sparkling or still water and overall I usually am pretty good at drinking enough water. However, on days when I sleep in or I’m running around doing task after task, I will overlook staying hydrated and forget to drink enough water! Leaving my water bottle behind will cause me to sometimes have a headache or just feel sluggish. If you get bored of drinking flavorless tap water then add a squeeze of citrus, mix in some vitamin C powder, brew a tea, or try naturally flavored sparkling water. Carrying a water bottle with you to work, class, or while running errands will remind you to up your water intake!

#3 - Stretching or Yoga

My body can feel pretty stiff and tight when I take a break from fitness or when life is extra stressful. This year, I plan to incorporate more stretching and yoga into my daily routines. I already enjoy yoga and I practice about once a week. I would love to feel more flexible, awake, and strong so I plan to move my body more at the start and end of each day. Wake up your body and get ready for the day with some light stretching and prepare your body for a restful sleep with a relaxing yoga flow in the evening. I woke up early and went to hot yoga over the holiday and I felt so amazing and limber all day long.

#4 - Practice Self Care

Take a bath, put on a face mask, listen to music... treat yourself to a special day dedicated to you! Find what relaxes you and take care of your body and mind by practicing self care. I love to have a chill day and pamper myself ~ wash off all of the stress and negativity coming your way and recharge with some time set aside for caring for your mental and physical health. Some of the self-care methods I have incorporated into my life so far break down into two categories, what I put into my body and what I put onto my body. Nourishing your body with healthy, whole foods and feeling good from the inside out is the first step! Then care for your skin, hair, teeth etc. with natural products that contain safe ingredients. ~ I also love getting a massage every once in awhile which I definitely encourage others to add to this self-care list ~

#5 - Journal + Mental Health

Recently I have been recommending journaling to all of my close friends. I have found journaling to be so therapeutic and enjoyable. I like to write about what I am grateful for, small events of the day, things that I am unsure about, goals for myself, what brings me joy, and what I miss most. Reflecting on your life, your experiences, and your mood can help you connect with your mental health and help you feel more grounded. I like to choose a monthly mantra to focus on and channel positive thoughts so I can be the best version of myself that I can possibly be! (If this interests you, I have a mailing list where I send out a monthly mantra + you can sign up at the bottom of my blog.) This year I plan to keep my journals more organized and dedicate one for my health, my gratitudes, my goals etc.

#6 - Decrease Screen Time

This is such a challenge and I am sure you can agree! Today everyone is growing up attached to technology. Why is it so hard for us to disconnect and focus on life without our phones for an hour or two?! Sometimes I catch myself exiting an app and then as if I am a robot, immediately reopening it for no reason! This year I plan to spend less time on my phone scrolling and letting time pass me by! Instead of looking at a screen, especially before bed, I would rather journal or read a book to ignite my imagination. Decreasing screen time will help you think about yourself and your goals without the pressure to be perfect coming from social media.

#7 - Get Outside

During the winter months, I personally struggle to spend time outside. I am definitely a sunbathe, sip a mojito, and read by the ocean kinda girl. However, I cannot stand being stuck indoors missing all of the fresh air! My roomie and I love going on brisk walks together to chat and get some exercise and we will do so even in the cold so long as we bundle up. This year I plan to make a greater effort to get outside for a bit each day. Over the holiday break I met a friend to walk around the lake and it felt so good to get moving, admire nature, and be outside.

#8 - Call Your Friends + Family

Keep your people close!! I have been trying to reach out to my friends and family more this year to stay in touch and check in on everyone. It can be hard to set aside time in a busy schedule when you easily get caught up in mundane daily activities. But, do not take advantage of the loving people in your life and your limited time with them! Make the time and give them a call. You will feel so happy after knowing you were able to share parts of your life with someone you love. You may not always have the chance to talk to someone and time is a gift so take advantage of it.

#9 - Eat More Whole Foods

Since I have lived in a dorm for the last few years, it can get tricky to stay away from processed, convenient foods. I will crave chocolate chip cookies or salty chips and then start eating more processed foods. This pattern of one snack food to another reminds me to get creative and start cooking whole foods again. Cooking for yourself is such an important skill to have and I love testing out new healthy recipes to add into my diet. Challenge yourself to have a meat-free (or gluten-free/whatever you eat an abundance of) day of eating where you focus on consuming more fruits and vegetables.

#10 - Try Something New

Eat the vegetable. Make the trip. Take the risk. Follow your dreams!! Try something new this year whether it be as simple as trying a new food or hobby or as exciting as traveling across the country. Push yourself outside of your comfort zone and see where your decision will take you! Tell me what exciting plans you have for this year!

~ trying something new could help you discover something you love ~

Incorporate these 10 healthy habits into your daily routine in 2019 and you will notice a difference! Start feeling good from the inside out and try your best to focus on your health and happiness. I am wishing you all of the good vibes for this year, let’s make it a year to remember!

~ dream big, trust yourself, work hard, + surround yourself with people who believe in you ~



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