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Welcome friend! I'm so happy you're here.

I strive to inspire others through conscious living. I believe in lifting each other up to be our best selves. What does that look like? We're talking plant-based recipes, sustainability, natural beauty, and healthy lifestyle choices that make you feel your best!


Be gentle with yourself and remember that you are brave, resilient, and you belong. Sending you lots of love! Thank you for your support and don't be afraid to reach out! I love hearing from subscribers and your thoughts on my blog or tips you would like to share that have changed your life.

xoxo, Marley


my goals

- inspire others to be their best self

- share eco-friendly tips

- decrease my ecological footprint

- shop ethical fashion + thrift

- practice yoga and live an active lifestyle

- transition to clean, natural products

- never stop learning, growing, + dreaming

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